The Worst Thing You Can Do To People Is Forget Them

Sketchy Neighbors exploring performance art for the first time.

For the first time in their three year collaboration, the Sketchy Neighbors artists will present a performance art piece, “The worst thing you can do to people is to forget them”, as a participant in the Many Mini Residency at 2011 at Skydive Art Space, located at 2041 Norfolk Street in Houston, Texas on Thursday, July 14, from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

Based on the premise of celebrating an individual’s existence, this brief one hour experience promises to assault the senses one-person-at-a-time while paying homage to the viewer in an unexpected, sometimes startlingly, fashion.

Keeping in step with prior groundbreaking shows, Sketchy Neighbors, composed of Marisa Avelar, Anthony Butkovich, Brenda Cruz, Jordan Johnson, Katsola, Devon Moore, Melissa Perez, Chris Thompson, and Jeff Whiteley, is thrilled to move beyond the conventional art object into a more experimental and temporal event that their Many Mini Residency provides.

Due to the one-hour limit of the performance, individuals are requested to arrive between 8pm and 8:15pm to ensure their experience. Early arrivals will have a chance to participate in the performance piece. Beer and Champagne will be provided to participants upon exiting the exhibit.

The Many Mini Residency began in 2008 in Berlin. This year Houston’s Skydive Art Space plays host to the 168 hour, one-week exhibition that will be documented and archived here on the project’s website. For a listing of the exhibition’s schedule and participants – or

Sketchy Neighbors: On a fateful night in February 2009, artists Katsola and Carlos Hernandez gathered a random collection of fellow local artists they didn’t know and hadn’t ever worked with. The goal – to start a sketch group. Exactly 39 minutes and 42 seconds into the casual meet and greet, that arbitrary congregation of artists
became…the Sketchy Neighbors. They had a mission… to do what no group had done before. Their art would consist of a theme and media/material pulled from suggestions put into a hat. For more information about Sketchy Neighbors, checkout their website or Facebook page

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