Absurd Reality of an Amputated Ego: Art//Music//Skate

Killer cage skating on a half pipe, Pink’s Pizza and other gnarly bites, Saint Arnold’s beer, wine for the gentile and partially civilized, killer sounds and most certainly¬† mind melting art from the Sketchy Neighbors! Two days only dudes and dudettes or whatever moniker of your choosing, YOU ARE all welcome! Yes, it is that time of year again where we all gather together to bring forth the bounty of what got pulled out of the hat and share the disturbance and beauty with you once again. This year before the holidays begin, let us not think of the red, green and icy blue shades of the holidays and forget the steel poles of Festiveous but rather; let us focus on the punk rock pink of the Sketchy Season.

Abusrd Reality of an Amputated Ego
Art- Music- Skate
Dec 3rd & 4th 6-10 pm
Arlington Street Studios @20th (in the Heights)
1831 Arlington St.
Houston, TX77008

Want a flyer? Download here.

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